The crowds are here in South Florida for the big game featuring the 49ers and the Chiefs. But the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a few admonitions and suggestions:

When Super Bowl LIV kicks off, will you be prepared? Whether you’re cheering for the San Francisco 49ers or Kansas City Chiefs, every Super Bowl party must start with a game plan that prevents drunk driving.

Drunk driving kills. In 2018, there were 10,511 fatalities in motor vehicle traffic crashes involving drunk drivers. You know that many Super Bowl parties will involve alcohol, so play it smart by having a winning game plan in place to not drink and drive.

We will all win on Super Bowl Sunday if we follow these keys to the game:

Know the Rules: It’s illegal to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher. When it comes to drinking and driving, law enforcement doesn’t throw a yellow flag; they throw the book at you. You’ll get pulled over, arrested, and prosecuted. Your wallet takes a big hit, too: the average DUI court case costs approximately $10,000.

Play It Safe: Defenses win championships; your best defense is to plan a safe ride. From buses and trains to car services and designated drivers, connect with the option that will get you home safely.

Be a Party MVP: Volunteer to be a designated driver. Let your squad know that you’ll be there for them when the party’s over with a safe, sober ride home.

If You’ve Been Drinking, You’re Benched: There’s no place on the road for anyone who has been drinking. If someone tries to drive after drinking, tell them to ride the bench until you help them find a sober ride home. If you’re hosting the party, you’re the head coach. Make the right call: take their keys before they drink and drive.

We’re all on the same team when it comes to preventing drunk driving. And, however you or your guests travel on Super Bowl Sunday, always buckle up. Your seat belt is your best defense in any vehicle crash.

We hope it’s a great game and that you enjoy it — safely — with friends and family. Remember: Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk.

We here at iRISE Spine and Joint agree 100%. Have fun, enjoy the game, but be very careful when driving to and around the stadium. And if you need help due to an auto accident, please feel free to give us a call at 800-945-6001. We’re here to help.