1. Who creates the ads for accihelp?

I do. All creative and copy

2. What is the process for switching or changing an ad?

There really isn’t a process. The modifications are made based upon a number of factors such as frequency, optimization, results…with the understanding that any change or modification resets the entire optimization. Meaning all data starts from zero. That is to say that you NEVER modify a working ad. You just test new versions against it.

Almost every change interrupts an entire campaign and can cause it to go back into the review stage. And you have to be careful with Audience overlap when launching new campaigns.

3. Can we be involved in creating these ads ?

You’re more than welcome to suggest ideas to test.

4. Is there a schedule when these ads go out on fb ( like the old tv commercial you knew when your commercials were going to play ) so we can prepare for the possibility

Digital is not like a traditional media buy. Once it’s on, it’s running…unless stopped. The ads are running 24/7 unless day parted which is not something we want to do in this niche.

For the leads to come in ?

once a campaign is running, we need to be prepared for leads (I hate that word) to come in. And we have still yet addressed comments. We have no one responding to comments.

5. Do we have an accihelp for ig? I can only find accipay.


6. How do we continually optimize the advertising campaigns on the various channels now that we are starting to see traction

Based upon data. “Trim the fat” is the best way to optimize. That being see what’s working and allocate more to what is working and less to what isn’t. Then retesting against what is working to continue to find the assets that work the best. As we are not truly conversion-oriented, our results and campaigns are primarily lead and awareness-based and utilizing retargeting and in-market data.

7. What new campaigns are coming next and when

  • In addition to FB lead ads, driving traffic to a landing page that we control to gauge higher intent-based users (Today)
  • as we are opening back up, promotions and giveaways will be very important…and cheaper than ads (next week)
  • utilizing gmb events (next week)
  • YouTube campaigns (next week)
  • GDN campaigns for retargeting (next week)
  • resuming search (today)
  • remnant TV (budget needs to be approved)
  • local radio (budget needs to be approved)
  • SMS (June 15th as enough data will be compiled by then)

8. What social media platforms are important for our patient demographic (what is our demographic)?

Most of what I do is Digital Marketing, not social media. While social media is a tool of digital marketing, the primary focus is on digital marketing via Facebook, Instagram, Email, Google Ads, soon to be YouTube and GDN. As mentioned above, looking to do remnant TV and Radio as budget permits.

Currently targeting:

  • Men/Women – audience skews women slightly
  • 21-59 years old
  • “Urban” (Black / Hispanic)
  • in locations in proximity to our clinics
  • with cross-referencing interests/affinity/insights 

9. Are we using Irise IG to target an audience? If yes, which?

Currently, there are no paid campaigns for iRISE other than FSJI Google ads. In that regard, we are using specific keyword targeting.

10. Do we have marketing material that staff can use? For Facebook or ig for example?

Not sure what this means. All of our campaigns are dark posts. Most are only relevant to the audience being marketed (in-market, retargeting)…guess I’m not understanding what you’re referring to.

11. can you please confirm which Social Media sites we have a presence in, and can we create a link to our Career Center from those sites?
The only viable place to link to the career center is from our actual website. I can show you numbers on visitations. As for other platforms we can do periodic posts as positions open up

12. How do we measure ROI in digital marketing efforts? Can you predict ROI and does it relate to page ranking and CTR (click through rate).

Good question! If one were selling widgets, it’s a pretty easy mathematical equation. Basically involving Gross Revenue-acquisitions costs, less product costs. Some other factors involved but If my revenue is $100 and it costs me $30 for the product and fulfillment, and $25 for acquisition, I can easily determine my ROI. Page ranking has ZERO relevance to ROI.

I have been involved with MANY ecomm merchants who didn’t rank very well. That’s the beauty of buying traffic. As for predicting ROI, for sure IF you have historical data of conversions.

If I know my conversion rate is X and my costs are Y, it again becomes a mathematical equation. Hence the term SCALING. Once your campaign optimizes, you can scale accordingly.

If I know my profitable conversion rate, I can add literally hundreds of thousands of dollars per day into a campaign and from there I just monitor frequency for creative burnout, audience saturation and any anomaly in CVR over any 72 hour period.

But we don’t sell widgets. In that regard, we’d be MUCH better looking at ROAS than ROI.

13. What is being done to market our existing and new surgeons in all markets?

They are on the website and getting traffic. I’m not sure what efforts the BDMs are doing. In addition, the group is designed for provider info.

14. Aside from cost, why do we not utilize Linkedin to market iRise? What would the cost be? It seems like most/many of the attorneys have professional profiles, and are more captive there.

I have used LinkedIn and Sales Navigator extensively for years. I currently scrape LinkedIn for emails with a few programs that I use and I use InMail. At the present time I am using LI to reach out to prospective attorneys in this niche to find out what they are interested in (as I mentioned to you a couple of times)

Please advise what budget you’d like to spend and I’ll put together a campaign. Please be advised that Linkedin is VERY expensive. Viable, but really expensive.

ALSO…LinkedIn is very good for member posts. I would encourage you, and the BDMs to post there as often as possible. I checked your profile, and you’ve never made a post. Samantha is active in sharing, but I don’t see any BDM posts, videos or commenting. I would advise you to not rely so much on cold, predatory intrusion and actually get active.

15. Are there any plans to remarket past patients? I believe that 50% of our patients are reinjured in accidents again within 12 months.

I constantly remarket to past patients. Almost daily. They are quite engaged.

17. What is being done to market for chiropractic therapy to those looking for general chiropractic wellness (general community)
We have a couple of issues there. One being the physical locations of our clinics. Another being we don’t take insurance. I had a number of ideas and campaigns in this regard. But we are impeded by our payment policy and clinic locations.